ammo can wood stove diy

This is a great little DIY ammo can wood stove with an oven! Runs on firewood or pellets. Can be used for cooking, camping, or even as a tent stove. This video is the introduction. Scroll down for the DIY how to build it video. 

wood stove door glass kit

Door Glass for wood stove.

 Wood Burning Stove Door Glass Kit includes 9 1/8" x 9 1/8" glass, and gasket necessary to install.  Click image at right for more information.

door glass kit for wood burning stove
door glass kit for wood burning stove

how to build a ammo can wood stove

building an ammo can wood stove DIY.  

outdoor wood stove for sale

outdoor wood stove

 Built strong. - You bring the lumber... our Stove brings the heat. No cheap parts here, just tough galvanized steel with a high-temperature finish. And the hinged door is an even tougher cast iron with easy-control vent holes. There's no doubt about it, our Guide Gear Outdoor Wood Stove is built to last. Perfect for camp and more. Keeps coffee and sauce pans hot on top, brings water to a boil and cooks bacon and eggs! Portable, too... the legs detach, the pipes nest and the entire Stove fits inside itself for easy storage and smooth transport. Contents include 5 pipes, detachable legs, assembly hardware, ash rake and fire poker/door opener. Galvanized steel with high-temperature heat-resistant black finish; Five 15.5"l. interlocking stove pipes with 3.375" diameter; Front hinged cast iron door with adjustable air vent; Top platform can be used to keep coffee and sauce pans hot; Pipes nest and entire stove fits inside itself for easy storage and transport; Only for outdoor use with proper ventilation; Fire Box Thickness: 2mm (between 13-14 gauge); Pipe Thickness: 1.8mm; Pipe Diameter: 3.375"; Total Pipe Length: 77.5"; Firebox Dimensions 11"w. x 17"d. x 8"h.; Door Opening Dimensions: 9" x 6.5"h.; Leg Height: 7.5"; Overall Dimensions: 12.5"w. x 19"d. x 7.75'h. including pipe; Weight: 47 lbs. 

Click Image at right for more information about this product.

outdoor wood stove
outdoor wood stove

extra sections ofoutdoor wood stove chimney pipe

chimney pipe outdoor wood stove

Outdoor wood stove chimney pipe

Extra Outdoor Stove Pipe Connections, 2 piece.

 Raise the chimney. Hard pressed to find more Pipe for your Guide Gear Wood Stove? You could go to your local muffler shop and beg them for custom-built pipes, but they'd probably laugh and ask if you wanted a custom-built wood stove to go with that request. Save yourself the headache and get your perfectly fitted pipes here at The Guide. Raise your chimney seamlessly with this 2-pc. Pipe set.; Extension Pipes for Guide Gear Outdoor Wood Stoves (items 648081 and 704212, sold separately); Corrosion-resistant pipes with heat-resistant black finish; Can be arbitrarily assembled to increase chimney height; Weighs 5.7 lbs.; Pipe Thickness: 1.8mm; Pipe Diameter: 3.375"; Pipe Length: 16.5" each; Total Pipe Length: 33"; Weight: 5.7 lbs.; Order today! Guide Gear Extra Outdoor Stove Pipe Connections, 2 pc. 

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