The house flippers guide

book, the house flipper's guide

  How to get started flipping houses. This booklet is a specialized guide about the topic of house flipping in which the author shares some personal ideas and insights for those who may be interested in learning modern professional techniques in the house flipping market. Is the fix and flip business model really the best way to go or are there other methods that house flipping professionals keep to themselves as insider trade secrets of the house flipping industry? Before you begin flipping houses for a living it is important to know how does house flipping work? Start your own house flipping market analysis with this book The House Flippers Guide: How To Flip houses Like A Pro Paperback – January 22, 2016 by By Real Estate Mogul (Author) Supercharge your house flipping business today. how to flip a house like the professionals. 

The Kitchen Ninja Recipe Book

ninja recipes cookbook

 The Kitchen Ninja recipe book contains a mixture of basic easy to follow recipes for all occasions. Something to delight most every flavor and taste bud across the land from Chinese food to Mexican cuisine, there is something delicious for just about everyone in this book. Sauces, dressings, appetizers, entrees, breads, desserts, after dinner drinks, and more! The Kitchen Ninja recipe book was rewritten and republished 12/8/15. More than one hundred pages have been added including blender recipes as well as many others. 

Blood on the lampshade

book about post traumatic stress disorder titled "blood on the lampshade". true crime, murder.

 Blood... On The Lampshade... A family Torn Apart by Violence and Murder... is the story of two brothers who grew up in a time when children should rarely be seen and seldom heard. It depicts acts of unfathomable violence and murder which caused post traumatic stress disorder. The names have been changed to protect the innocent as well as the guilty. It is the heart wrenching story of two grown men coming to terms with the ghosts of their brutal and violent past. Viewer Discretion Is Advised. 

True Crime, Murder, PTSD.

Alchemy and the green lion

alchemy book titled "alchemy and the green lion"

 This booklet represents some of my alchemical discoveries from 4 years of hands on research and experimentation regarding alchemy and the philosophers stone, it is meant to be simple and to the point. for informational purposes only, no warranty is expressed or implied as to the accuracy or completeness of the information contained within the pages of this booklet. 

The Philosopher's Stone Book

alchemy book about the philosopher's stone

The philosopher's stone book, alchemy. For centuries there have been legends of untold wealth or riches and even life extension surrounding the mystery of the philosopher's stone. Alchemy was the ancient science of kings. Some of the goals of alchemy were the elixir of life, transmutation of base metals into gold or silver, and the creation of alchemical gemstones.   

Steven School Alchemy on YouTube

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