The Ancient Science of Kings.

 Some people say that alchemy was the medieval forerunner of modern chemistry, However the ancient hermetic science is much older than that. Alchemy was practiced in the pyramids of Egypt as is noted in the Emerald Tablet of Thoth Hermes. Alchemy was an art practiced by Pharaohs, Emperors and kings as well as their female counterparts. Some alchemists believe that alchemy is as old as time itself.  

Alchemy was practiced in biblical times which is noted in the bible for those who take the time to understand it. One of the goals of alchemy was to find an elixir of life based on the theory of the existence of a universal life force which animates all things. Legends of people living for 1000 years or more in perfect health and youth have kept the story of alchemy alive since the garden of Eden. This universal spirit or life force energy is said to come from the biblical tree of life. It has been called the manna from heaven, The supernatural son of the sun, "God" in the flesh, and Jesus Christ. Alchemists equated this not with actual people, but with the four elements earth wind water and fire acting upon matter continually rotating the circle of life and the wheel of alchemy. 

What is alchemy? alchemy is first and foremost a study of nature. Many people ask do alchemists make gold? one answer is that only nature can perform such a miracle. So what do alchemists do? alchemists merely assist nature in its natural operations. This has been described as setting the proper conditions, and letting nature finish its work without the laying on of hands. 

 What exactly is alchemy?   Alchemy was an ancient art and scientific tradition practiced throughout Europe, Africa, and Asia, originating in Greco-Roman Egypt in the first few centuries. Alchemists attempted to purify, mature, and perfect certain materials based on the transformation of matter. Alchemy was concerned particularly with attempts to convert base metals into gold and to find a universal elixir of life.

Steven School Alchemy YouTube Channel

Steven School Alchemy YouTube Channel

Gold of the sun, alchemy

The elixir of life was also called aqua vitae meaning water of life and Aurum potable or gold of the sun. The potable gold of the alchemists was said to have the appearance of liquid gold and was at times described as being gold digested to its highest degree.

Elixir of Life Alchemy Video by Steven School

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The Philosopher's Stone Book

book, alchemy, the philosopher's stone

The philosopher's stone book, alchemy, by Steven School. 

the green lion alchemy book

green lion alchemy book

Alchemy and the green lion book by Steven School.

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elixir of life alchemy coffee cup

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Philosopher's Stone Riddle

Philosopher's stone riddle by Steven School Alchemy.

philosopher's stone puzzle

Philosopher's Stone Puzzle

by steven school alchemy


3. Who wrote the hermetica?
8. Which alchemical substance was attributed to biblical life spans?
9. What is plant alchemy called?
10. What is the catalyst for a philosopher's stone recipe?
11. What is the name of the ancient science of kings?
12. What is another term for alchemical gold?
13. Who is the creator of the Steven School Alchemy YouTube Channel?
14. What did alchemist's call a liquid utilized to extract the essence of a substance?
1. What are the ingredients of the philosopher's stone?
2. Who is the author of The New Chemical Light?
4. What biblical figure was considered to be an alchemist?
5. Who taught alchemy to Michael Sendivogius?
6. What is another name for Azoth in alchemy?
7. What was the first alchemy booklet published by Steven School?
8. What is another name for the philosopher's stone?


This philosopher's stone crossword puzzle was created by Steven School Alchemy YouTube Channel. 

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excerpts from the new chemical light

Credit Michael Sendivogius

  Our science is not a dream, as the vulgar crowd imagines, or the empty invention of idle men, as the foolish suppose.  Let him consider that this mystery is for wise men, and not to reveal this mastery to any unworthy person.   Let me therefore admonish the gentle reader that my meaning is to be apprehended not so much from the outward husk of my words, as from the inward spirit of Nature. If this warning is neglected, he may spend his time, labor, and money in vain.  

 Simplicity is the Seal of Truth 

 "It has its birth in the earth, its strength it doth acquire in the fire, and there becomes the true Stone of the ancient Sages. Let it be nourished for twice six hours with a clear liquid until its limbs begin to expand and grow apace. Then let it be placed in a dry and moderately warm spot for another period of twelve hours, until it has purged itself by giving out a thick steam or vapour, and becomes solid and hard within. The 'virgin's milk ' that is expressed from the better part of the Stone is then preserved in a carefully closed oval-shaped distilling vessel of glass, and is day by day wondrously changed by the quickening fire, until all the different colours resolve themselves into a fixed gentle splendour of a white radiance, which soon, under the continued genial influence of the fire, changes to a glorious purple, the outward and visible sign of the final perfection of your work." 

 Concerning the true and first Matter of Metals 

 The first matter of metals is twofold, and one without the other cannot create a metal. The first and principal substance is the moisture of air mingled with warmth. This substance the Sages have called Mercury, and in the philosophical sea it is governed by the rays of the Sun and the Moon. The second substance is the dry heat of the earth, which is called Sulphur.  Edited by Steven School. 

book, alchemy and the green lion by Steven School.

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