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A new season of Steven School Alchemy coming soon.

A new season of Steven school alchemy coming soon

Alchemy burn 2020

Alchemy burn spring 2020 coming soon. Steven School Alchemy not to be confused with burning man.  New alchemy videos 2020 will be posted to the Steven School alchemy YouTube channel. Subscribe and tap the bell to be notified when new alchemy 2020 videos are uploaded. 

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pho king good

Pho king good shirt

pho king good shirt

Pho king good T shirt.

Pho king good decal sticker

pho king good meme decal sticker

Pho king good meme decal sticker

Elixir Of Life Alchemy Video

 The elixir of life, also known as the elixir of immortality and the drink of the God's, was also called Aqua Vitae and Aurum Potable. The elixir supposedly grants the drinker eternal life and or eternal youth. This elixir was also said to be a cure all remedy. Alchemists equated the elixir of long life drink with biblical life spans of such persons as Moses.  Secret alchemy books sometimes depicted the elixir of life as having the appearance of liquid gold.

Alchemy Books

Alchemy and the green lion book

alchemy book about the green lion devouring the sun


What is the Green Lion in alchemy?

In alchemy, images of a green lion eating the sun were made famous by old alchemical texts such as The Rosarium Philosophorum. Some alchemists believe the green lion devouring the sun is a metaphor for VITRIOL purifying matter and that perhaps it is a secret key to the creation of the philosopher's stone of alchemy.  For updates on Steven School's alchemy subscribe to the Steven School Alchemy YouTube Channel.  

The philosopher's stone book alchemy

alchemy book about the philosopher's stone

The philosopher's stone of alchemy was not only thought to cure illnesses and prolong life, it was also sought by alchemists for its supposed ability to transmute base metals into gold or silver.  

 For updates on Steven School's alchemy subscribe to the Steven School Alchemy YouTube Channel.   

Off your Meds meme

Off your meds shirt

Are you off yours meds or what? meme shirt image. Click image for more information. 

off your meds meme shirt

off your meds meme shirt 

uS civil flag of peace

us civil flag decal

us civil peace flag

US civil peace flag decal die cut sticker featuring the words these colors don't run. 

us civil peace flag t shirt

us civil peace flag

American civil flag of peace T shirt featuring the words these colors don't run emblazoned across the front. Many colors and sizes available. 

American civil flag of peace hoodie

american civil flag

Sweatshirt with hood featuring the American civil flag of peace and the words "These colors don't run" emblazoned across the front. Many sizes to choose from, many sizes available. 

us civil flag of peace coffee cup

us civil flag of peace

Coffee cup featuring the US civil flag of peace.

Lapis Mineralis

lapis mineralis philosopher's stone alchemy

Lapis mineralis was the alchemical name for an alchemy philosopher's stone made from elements in the mineral realm. The idea was to create a powder of projection for transmuting base metals such as lead, into gold. 

Great Deals on Laptops

laptop for sale

Looking for a great deal on a laptop? We have a huge selection of new, used, and even refurbished units.

blink security cameras and accessories

Blink Security Camera

blink security camera

blink XT2 all weather wireless security camera features two-way audio, live view, motion detection, recording.  HD infra red night vision for indoor or outdoor use.

solar panel for blink security camera

solar panel for blink security camera


[Upgraded Version] Solar Panel for Blink XT XT 2 Security Camera, Wall Mount Outdoor Weather Proof Solar Power Charging Panel for Blink XT XT 2 Home Security Camera SystemHaving a big sale, on-site celebrity, or other event? Be sure to announce it so everybody knows and gets excited about it.

flexible tripod for blink home security camera

flexible tripod for blink home security camera


Flexible Tripod for Blink XT,Blink XT2 Wall Mount Bracket,Attach Your Blink Home Security Camera Wherever You Like Without Any ToolsAre your customers raving about you on social media? Share their great stories to help turn potential customers into loyal ones.

Does not play well with others sticker

Caution sign window sticker

window sticker decal

Caution, Does Not Play Well With Others! Window Sticker Decal by Steven School Alchemy YouTube Channel.

Steven School Alchemy

steven school alchemy youtube channel

Steven School alchemy

Subscribe to the Steven School Alchemy YouTube Channel for updates on Steven School's alchemy work. 

Sticker, Decal, Steven School Alchemy

decal window sticker featuring black skull and cross bones

Steven School Alchemy Sticker, Decal featuring black skull and cross bones with gold lettering. 

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Caffeine Warning Label Decal Sticker

Caffeine Warning Label

Caffeine warning label  decal sticker by Steven School Alchemy. Click Image For More Details.  

caffeine warning label

caffeine warning label

The Kitchen Ninja Recipe Book by Steven School

The Kitchen ninja recipe cookbook

 The Kitchen Ninja recipe book contains a mixture of basic easy to follow recipes for all occasions. Something to delight most every flavor and taste bud across the land from Chinese food to Mexican cuisine, there is something delicious for just about everyone in this book. Sauces, dressings, appetizers, entrees, breads, desserts, after dinner drinks, and more! The Kitchen Ninja recipe book was rewritten and republished 12/8/15. More than one hundred pages have been added including blender recipes as well as many others. 

 Click Image For More Information.

ninja recipes cookbook

ninja recipes cookbook

Rottweiler Security Decal

protected by rottweiler sign

Rottweiler security sticker

Warning Protected by Rottweiler Sign Adhesive Decal Window Sticker 

protected by rottweiler signs

Let people know you are not alone with these warning protected by Rottweiler security sign window decals. Protected by Rottweiler. 

Gift ideas for men

ship in a bottle whiskey decanter

glass ship in a bottle whiskey decanter


Glass ship in a bottle Whiskey Decanter Set with 2 Glasses - 1250ml & 42 oz Lead Free Barrel Ship Dispenser with Detachable Wooden Holder Gift for Liquor, Scotch, Bourbon, Vodka, Whisky, Rum & Alcohol.

handmade leather satchel

handmade leather satchel


  • Dimension: 13 X 18 X 5 (height , width, depth) . Has an outer pocket that can fit about an ipad and other useful stuff easily laptop easily.
  • Has three compartments. Big middle compartment good for large laptops , files etc. Has a zippered pocket inside the bag
  • Has an adjustable strap with shoulder pad for comfortable carry. Has a handle on top for convenience

does alkaline water kill cancer?

does alkaline water kill cancer? meme image

How to make alkaline water .

 One way to raise the pH in your H20 is to use a water ionizer, which works by using electrolysis to separate the acidic and alkaline components of the water. I would use a water ionizer or a ionized water filter.

cobra repeating crossbow

Cobra Repeating Crossbow

 This crossbow says you can fire multiple bolts at a target and has picatinny rails for mounting accessories like laser sighting, flashlights, Bipod etc.  


  • Express Delivery (3-5 days from order) by Courier TRACKING PROVIDED - NO DELIVERY TO CANADA
  • Self Cocking & Includes AR Stock, 6 x 7.5" Bolts, Red Dot Sight, Sling, Foregrip
  • Draw Weight: 90lb, Speed: 240ft/sec, Weight: 4.5lbs, Length: 20.5", Power Stroke: 7.5"
  • Can be used as a pistol by removing AR stock 


Product description

 The Cobra System R9 can only be described as a game changer there is nothing like this on the market nor has there ever been this type of crossbow before. Designed as a pistol but it really comes into it's own when you add the included AR stock. The Cobra has been designed to fully assemble in seconds making it ideal for compact storage and travel, the limb is provided strung and does not need to be removed to pack away. Underlever Cocking System The underlever cocking system allows for easy crossbow cocking for even the smallest shooter. You can even cock this bow while it is shouldered. This is a huge advantage because you can keep your eyes on the target and shoot several bolts at the same time. Fast repetitive shooting Because you can cock this crossbow when it is shouldered, you can keep your eyes on the target and fire multiple bolts on it. This will not only help you when shooting at fast moving targets, but also keeps you focused while shooting at a your intended target. Accessories This crossbow has been prepaired to mount several accessories. On the front end of the barrel are two weaver/picatinny rails mounted on both sides. Ik makes it easy to put a flashlight and a laser onto your crossbow. Then there is also a weaver/picatinny rails mounted under the crossbow. Ideal for mounting an extra foregrip or bipod. 

cobra repeating crossbow

cobra repeating crossbow

ultra bright solar powered emergency flashlight multi tool

Solar powered emergency flashlight will even recharge your cellphone! click image for more informati


Solar Powered Tactical Flashlight Multi Function Outdoor Car LED Flashlight Ultra Bright Torch Light, with Safety Hammer and Compass, for Hiking, Camping


  • Super Bright Tactical Flashlight : 3W LED, 80 lumens powerful light shows super bright for about 200 meters lighting distance, suitable for living, camping, driving and outdoor sports.
  • Multi Function All In One: attack hammer for car emergency escape in emergencies; built in compass and light flasher helps you not to loss in the dark; powerful magnet on the side of the flashlight head could be attached to the car or other metallic surface.
  • Solar Rechargeable Emergency Power Bank: flashlight with built-in 2000mAh 18650 battery, could be charged with included USB Cable (4- 5hrs) or Solar Power (30hrs).
  • 7 Models Led Flashlight Working way : Front low light , High light, Strobe, Long press to enter the side lights white light, white low light, long press side lights converted into red light flash, slow flash red, it is easy to fit your different sign demand.
  • Environment-friendly, durable, portable,Not just for auto emergencies, also great for working, camping, or hiking.


Product description

Size:Classic safety

Power / Lumen: 3 watt white headlight + 2835 *10 LED White Light + 2835 *10 Red LED
The main material: Aluminum
Battery: Built-in 2000MAH 18650 battery
Lighting Distance: 200 meters head Front light
Lighting time: headlight (.High Light 2-3 hours Strobe light /Low Light 5-6 hours). Side Light (full light 3-4 hours, 6-7 hours half-bright). Red side (6-7 hours flash, slow flash 6-7 hours)
Specific functions and description
1 Front lights are all bright, semi-bright, strobe mode, used by the CREE XPE LED. Condenser 200 m
2 side using 10 white 2835 SMD LED. Single 0.2W 10 pieces of foot 2W (there are two full bright and semi-bright mode)
3. side using 10 bright red 2835 SMD LED. Wavelength 620-625 (there are two flash and slow flash mode)
4. The left side of the head with a high hardness alloy safety hammer, can easily shattered window glass.
5. The right side of the head with a cutting knife. In case of emergency can be easily cut to bring safe escape.
6. At the same side of the head with a magnetic. It can be easily adsorbed on the car shell or iron, easy to use.
7. Central Configuration 5V 50MA monocrystalline silicon solar panels. You can charge the battery.
8. tail with a compass, easy to use outdoors.
9. Unscrew the rear bottom of the international generic Andrews charging interface, built-in battery can be charged.
10. At the same flashlight with USB output, can charge for mobile phones and other digital devices while on outdoor
Package include
1x Flashlight
1x Lanyard
1x USB Cable

Click Image For More Information

image of a solar powered emergency flashlight with compass and window breaker seat belt cutter tool

image of a solar powered emergency flashlight with compass and window breaker seat belt cutter tool

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